Pictures from our Christmas Pageant

Youth Group

 Youth Group is awesome!  Our goal is to explore our hearts and our world to find the places in which we meet God.  Our youth group has meetings about once a month.  The meetings consist of games (sometimes messy, sometimes sweaty, always fun), serious time (when we eat cookies and talk about stuff that really matters to teenagers), and sanctuary time (during which we sit together in the dark sanctuary, listen to a piece of music chosen by the group, and chat for a few minutes about any issues on our minds).  We also have field trips, do mission work, have sleepovers at church, and lots of other fun stuff!  Hope to see you there!

Children and Youth in Worship

One of our favorite (and often most entertaining) parts of worship is the Children’s Sermon. Reverend Kristy and our church children join together on the stairs at the front of the church to learn about a story from the Bible while the adults of the congregation get to listen in as they share with us their observations of the world.

Church School

We at the United Church of Christ in Abington welcome all children and youth to strengthen their Christian faith and share that faith with their peers and our church community!

Church School is held on Sunday mornings. The students are separated into peer groups: preK- grade 1, grade 2- 3, grade 4- 6, and grade 7- 8th.  Each classroom has a teacher and a high school aged assistant. Our curriculum is developed by our experienced Church School teachers working in conjunction with the pastor.  The students experience a multi-sensory approach including games, arts and crafts, Bible stories, and sketches. They learn to care for the community and develop spiritual wellness while building friendships and having fun.

Sunday Nursery

While we love having children fill the sanctuary with their family, we also know that sometimes, they are less interested in listening to the sermon than their parents are!  The nursery is open year round but is only staffed during the school year. You can leave your infants and toddlers to play together with an adult and teenaged assistant during the service. The nursery is open 10 minutes before worship begins.